Examples Of Breaches And Practices To Prevent Them

In the hands of an intruder, these machine-to-machine credentials can move throughout the enterprise, both vertically and horizontally, providing virtually unrestricted access. On the other hand, a security breach refers only to data breaches, not network or system access breaches, nor malware intrusion when no data is involved. In this sense, a security breach is actually a subcategory of a security incident that refers only to unauthorized access or theft of data. Such a data breach may involve the alteration and/or theft of sensitive corporate data, such as intellectual property or customer lists. It may also involve the unauthorized access, alteration and/or theft of personal data of customers, patients or others, which violates the privacy rights of those individuals.

This article describes seven of the most common types of security threats and offers advice on how to prevent them. You can apply these six steps to different types of data breaches and cyberattacks. Cybercriminals can target a variety of organizations, including government agencies, healthcare institutions, financial institutions, universities, and schools. Yahoo has the embarrassing honor of being the only company to make it onto our list of biggest data breaches twice. In August 2013, cybercriminals stole the data of all Yahoo users worldwide, three billion in total. When the attack became public in 2016, Yahoo claimed that only one billion of its users were affected by the data breach, and changed the number to “all Yahoo user accounts” less than a year later.

Privileged access management capabilities provide granular privileged access to your organization’s most sensitive data. In the next section, we’ll take a look at features of the Ekran system that can help you avoid similar incidents. Twitter employees were victims of a series of targeted phishing attacks.

Marriott’s security team became aware of the suspicious activity and closed the vulnerability caused by the intruders in late February 2020. The most effective way to prevent security breaches is to use a robust and comprehensive IT security management system.

To prevent your customers from being affected by data breaches, request a free 30-day trial of SolarWinds RMM here. Any security incident where sensitive, proprietary or confidential cyber insurance data is accessed or stolen by an unauthorized party, putting a company’s brand, customers and assets at risk. Incidents such as DDoS, bitcoin mining, etc. are also security breaches.

Weak passwords and the use of public Wi-Fi networks can lead to Internet communications being compromised. Compromised credentials describe a case where user credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are accessible to unauthorized individuals. This usually happens when unsuspecting users fall victim to phishing attempts and enter their credentials on fake websites. If lost, stolen or exposed, the compromised credentials can give the intruder insider access.

Cybercrime seems to get more sophisticated with each passing day, and hackers are constantly adopting new techniques to circumvent security measures. As an MSP, you are a prime target for cybercrime because you hold the key to all of your customers’ data. This means that a successful attack on your MSP is likely to affect your customers as well, putting their data and systems at risk. Because of the increased risk to MSPs, it’s important to understand the types of security threats your organization may face.

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